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This beautiful metallic niobium ornament is sure to catch the interest of all who see it.

When they ask what the ornament is made of tell them it's niobium, a refractory metal.

It will sparkle, reflect, and refract the light from the sun or a nearby lamp.

Perfect for use as a Christmas ornament and will look equally as nice displayed year-round. These ornaments also make great gifts - the recipient will enjoy the ornament, think of you, and perhaps think of MLD every time they see it.

When they ask you what the butterfly symbolizes tell them it's MLD Foundation's trademarked logo and it represents the hope of a life free from MLD. Did you notice the faces in the tail of the logo and ornament?

Who designed this ornament? Paul Crabtree from Colorburst Studios took our logo and is crafting each ornament by hand. Every ornament will be the same shape, but the coloring will vary slightly as the artist works.
Ornaments are available in two sizes ... 3" or 2" ... and have a slight shaping to them.
Supplies are limited!
All the color you will see is purely refracted light; no dyes, colorings, or paints are used! The thickness of the oxide determines the color and pattern you see expressed in the hand made design. An electrochemical oxidation process (water and electricity) controls the oxide build-up and therefore the color. Niobium is totally hypo-allergenic.

Each ornament comes gift boxed with a small card telling about MLD and the story behind the ornament.

You can order online (preferred) or by mail.

Ornaments come gift-boxed and each purchase includes a small donation that will be used to continue to help us as We C.A.R.E.

Just as important, you will be helping to increase the awareness of MLD by giving and proudly displaying the ornament year-round.

If you have a friend or associate that might be interested in an ornament, please send them to MLD Foundation's homepage where they can find a link to this page.
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Order Now