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The second thrust of MLD Foundation is to increase Awareness of MLD throughout the medical, scientific, educational, and counseling community. We also hope to increase awareness across the general public so no one affected by MLD is misdiagnosed or diagnosed too late for any effective long-term therapy.

We increase awareness every time there is an event that includes a mention of MLD. We encourage readers to make a local effort to increase awareness of MLD. This often comes in the form of sharing the story of a family affected by MLD with the local media. It may also come with the sharing of MLD information about MLD with local doctors, school & private counselors so that they can recognize the symptoms of MLD more quickly. It also may come as the result of a fund-raising event in your local community.

MLD Foundation has a strategic plan to carry on these activities on a national and global level. The MLD Announcement email list is the best place to learn of these activities.

If you are interested in increasing the awareness of MLD in any way - either listed above - or in some other unique way, please contact us so that we can be of assistance to you.

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