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We appreciate your desire to raise money on behalf of the MLD Foundaiton and our goals (We C.A.R.E.) Compassion, Awareness, Research, and Education.

MLD Foundation is often asked if we can be partners in a fund raising event or product. These pages should help to clarify our philosophy and policies for engaging in various fundraising events.

Fundraising can be a lot of work. Unlike many foundations, MLD Foundation's goals are much broader than just raising money so we will likely ask you to carry the responsibility for most, if not all of your fundraising event. This include the organization of the event, the pubility, and the logisitics of registration/tickets/donations.pledges. We will also ask for you to account for all of the finances for your event, including the data entry of the donor names, contatc information, and the amount/form of their donations.

Most donors like to support 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations - especially those that help people, and more often than not your personal story will attract and increase their generosity.

There are four areas of decisions, planning, and execution for a Fundraising event:

1) The event itself

2) Publicity

3) Finances

4) Receipting and follow-up

MLD Foundation will provide some help in all areas, but more often than not, items 1-3 will be your responsibility and item 4 will be handled by MLD Foundation.

Some questions to ponder as you plan your event:

What kind of event?

Who is the beneficiary? Are there multiple beneficiaries?

Do you want to give the donors tax receipts?

Upon request, we can supply our EIN via W9 or our IRS Letters of 501c3 Status. For those needing a quick proof of IRS status please see our page on Guidestar.


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