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Help us increase MLD Awareness with custom MLD stamps!

MLD Foundation is pleased to offer custom postage stamps, including a special occasion stamps, so that you can help us raise awareness of MLD in a very unique way. Stamps can be ordered in various denominations.

Imagine the surprise and interest that the recipient of your letter will have when they see this real US Postage Stamp with a special MLD message on it!

Be sure to use this link when accessing the page so that we will get credit if you decide to buy any stamps. This credit comes at no cost to you!

A recent order delivered by ground took only 6 days and we were surprised to find that if you order 2 or more sheets that there was a $2 per sheet discount!

Please note that these are actual US Postage stamps and they are available in a variety of denominations!

A special thanks goes to Kelly Quashnie of Studio•Cue, the designer of MLD Foundation's new logo and these stamps.

If you have a friend or associate that might be interested in a sheet of these stamps, please send them to this MLD Foundation's homepage where they can find a link to this page.

When you use the links on this page to access the Zazzle site we get an extra referral bonus of 7% of sales of any purchase that you make on the Zazzle site - even for other products!* (NOTE: the "*" needs to be added at the end for the bonus to count!)

Please bookmark this page and encourage your friends to use this link, too.

MLD Foundation.

None of your personal or purchase information will be shared with the Foundation.


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